Del Cook

The website for was structured to present a visual catalogue of multiple design project.  Emphasis was placed on a minimalist presentation that can be scrolled from top to bottom in a straightforward manner. 


The website for was designed to display a visual showcase of the firm’s design projects.  Emphasis was placed on a clean layout that allows the visitor to engage with the content in an intuitive way.



LuxNiseko Alpine Lifestyle

The website for was designed as a magazine-style template to present a variety of media formats in an organized and visually stimulating way.  Emphasis was placed on compatibility with mobile and page loading speed.  A color palette customized to give the site a modern-retro look that reflected its roots in northern Alpine countries that experienced snowy winters and warm summers.


mobile apps

Kikusumi App

The craft spirit that goes behind the crafting of KIKUSUMI charcoal is the inspiration behind the KIKUSUMI products.  The mobile app includes original material and active links to Kikusumi Knife Store, Kikusumi Magazine, customer support and media content like videos and news.  The KIKUSUMI app includes all the tools and knowledge needed to inspire a cook’s creativity to greater heights.