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Capturing the Magic of Miyajima Japan – Island of the Gods in Black and White

Mysterious Island of the Gods – Miyajima Japan in Black and White Miyajima Island is considered to be one of the most scenic spots in Japan, a spiritual place to Japanese and a must visit for tourists.  It is also a brilliant spot for black and white photography.  Sometimes referred to as the Island of Gods it appears to […]

Box Prototype for Kikusmi Diamond Knife Sharpener

Thoughts on the Packaging Design for the Kikusumi Knife Sharpener Box Working on a Box Prototype for the Kikusumi diamond electric knife sharpener called KS-2 that will be introduced to the market in 2017.  Kikusumi is the kitchen tool brand of  Tokyo design firm Applewasabi which began as an exploration into the relationship between people and […]